Friday, January 25, 2008

Ferrero O Shea

On February 9th bodytonic's Tayor gets togged out for his much anticpated Space Camp debut. He was one for the first DJs in Ireland to switch from vinyl to cds and it was an easy transition as most of his records were warped, scratched or belonged to John Mahon. Normally we would have asked him for a chart but there is no need as he plays the same records in most sets, so expect to hear m.a.n.d.y – oh superman or mfa – the difference.

As ever he will be joined by the Space Camp residents who will be getting through a ton of new goodies including new material from: Hercules & Love Affair, Radio Slave, Peter Visti, Christian Prommer, Lindstrom, Smith & Mudd, Chicken Lips, Maelstrom, Lee Douglas, Alden Tyrell, Mock n Toof etc etc

Venue : The Village
Date : Feb 09

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